Are you looking for specialist in Hypnosis for children? Helping children and young adults believe in themselves and achieve their full potential is something that we are passionate about.


All kids, at some point, will have concerns, worries or develop fears, which we can't always understand as parents. When it's our own child, no matter what age, the only concern is to make them feel better, happier, and back in control. Sometimes a child can develop a habit, thought pattern, or start to change their behaviour, for no reason we can seem to comprehend, which leaves you feeling helpless. With Hypnotherapy, there is something you can do to help them figure it out.


Many problems are resolved in 1 or 2 sessions, so everyone affected can get back to their normal lives. In a few cases a series may be required. The key is teaching them techniques on how to deal with their situation and give them back control. We use highly effective forms of "mental tools" and use of hypnosis to help with confidence building, which builds the child's own confident view of themselves and solving their worries and concerns. Stress, worries, and concerns, may seem simple from a parent's point of view, but it is, at times, overwhelming to the child. This also applies to young adults.


We greatly enjoy being able to give tools and techniques to children, who can use them for the rest of their lives. Each session lasts somewhere between 45 minutes - 1 hour. Please call so we can discuss your child's situation and we can have a better idea of how to help. Both therapists have children and can relate to the parent's and the child's concerns. The key for working with the children is they are the main clients. Parents need to understand our focus is on understanding your child's perspective and taking under consideration your concerns.


Another reason hypnosis for children is such an appealing option is that the child does not have to discuss the problem they are having in depth if they do not want to. However, I have found that most children enjoy having someone else to talk to who is not "mum or dad". It is safe, effective, and they are in control. Kids enjoy sessions just as much as the adults. We use skills they are naturally good at - imagination and role play. Children are brilliant clients as they have no pre-conceived doubts and find hypnosis is a natural, comfortable state (which it is!).



For more information about Children's Hypnotherapy sessions with MG Hypnosis or to book an appointment, call us on 07931 547 414  or send us an email to info@mghypnosis.co.uk.



An 11 year old girl was beginning to have anxiety attacks when taking her music exams and could not perform as well as she was capable. We focused first on erasing the bad memories, visualising how she wanted to see herself perform, and learning techniques to control her and stop her anxiety feelings from taking over. Then we reinforced her rehearsal and confidence in the hypnotherapy session.

A 7 year old boy developed a fear of flying after a very turbulent flight. He was worried he wouldn't be able to fly again. We changed his perception of what happened on the flight, then we talked about his superheroes and what they would have done, and he came up with a few of his own empowering ideas for what he could do next time. We took him through a bad flight seeing him use his new tools to control his fear. In the hypnotherapy session, we reinforced his “powers” and confidence. I saw him 4 years later and he's still flying.

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"My son listened to the CD first with my husband and came to me absolutely raving about it and insisted I do it with him again next night, which I did."

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