Here you can read testimonials from some of MG Hypnosis' clients. We would like to thank you all for your kind words.

So, [the CD] my son listened first with my husband and came to me absolutely raving about it and insisted I do it with him again next night, which I did. I suppose I am a skeptical believer but I have to tell you that I was under your spell very easily. I found it really easy to succumb to your silky voice and listened or heard some of what you said during the recording but didn't hear other bits. The background music was very soothing and I liked the track. I had been complaining with a friend just a few days before about how exhausted and rather demoralised I (and she) feel when we wake up every day, and I have to say that I don't feel like that so much although have no idea whether this is the CD or just some early nights! I told my friend about the CD.”

A.D. London

I love the CD. Your voice is so clear, concise, calming and reassuring.

K.N. London

“Thank you for your email. Yes, I am very well - thank you! It's been going remarkably well and I am so far very happy with results, even my husband had to mention it. As back-up, I would like to go for another session.”

C.M. London

I am doing quite well since our session! I have not had any attacks, and when I feel them coming on I am able to keep them at bay. In addition, I was able to use the techniques to my advantage and interview for a higher position…and I got it! Thank you so much for your help, and the book (positive thinking is the key). This is much better than having to take pills / medication!

S.B. London

You treated me a while ago for speech giving. I was singing your praises to all my friends. Thank you.

B.H. London

I am doing very well indeed. I am bowled over by the positive way I am feeling and everyone has noticed a difference. I haven't been great on my exercises but I do do them occasionally.

A.R. London

I'm very well thanks, flights to India went so much better than my flights before hand, I was able to use the visualization and breathing exercises you gave me to keep me calm throughout the journey. No follow up appointment required. Many thanks for all your help.

M.E. London

Things have been a lot better since I saw you last, and I think it would be good to catch up some time in the New Year. The hypnosis really helped, and I find that I'm really managing to use it when I need to. I've been working to reduce my workload, have a date lined up for the New Year and have joined a gym on the health front (and am even using it as well!)

N.L. London

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how helpful I found our session. I will practice the techniques you have shown me, and have to say that I am feeling much calmer - which hopefully will last!

Jane, London

I had a great experience on Saturday. I actually had the opportunity to try it out that same night and also told a friend who had the same problem about how brilliant this is for me. She said she'll see if I can last for a month and then she'll definitely come and see you. Little faith, hey? I have to admit that on the night there were a few occasions where normally I'd freaked out, but I didn't even feel anxious or jealous in the slightest. Thanks again for helping me change my life. I think this is a great way to solve a problem permanently and I'd recommend it to all my friends. I'll pass your details on, so they'll probably contact you in their own good time. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I want all my friends to be this happy.

M.J., London